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Photo log #7762301934908874321

Hm. photographs d(>_- d)

I've taken these, and i like them for one reason or another. When were these taken? What do they mean? Are some really lewd? Odds are my bare ass will show up- bulge already has. Beware these waters, soldier

I'm constantly torn between having a messy log like this and keeping only my more presentable photos neatly on display like they are here (note: not updated in months). So until a conclusion is reached, every six months will bring a brand-new photolog page, whether any of us like it or not. So, it's been a bit, we're getting somewhere. I'm not completely alone anymore, and there's almost way too much to look at. Woo baby! KEXP is blaring behind me, it's Sonic Reducer's 20 year anniversary. Gonna start integrating old photos into this one. Don't trust the order of photos to speak anything to time, place, or any means of organization.

Right-click and open the image in a new tab for a full view. Yes, tumblr is my image host for most of these. Drag the scrollbar along the bottom of each row to see more photos.





Pre-2024? Pre-whatever-i-feel-like-now. The past two years have been at least four.