Geocities user skaterdyke (Puppet) holding one of their pet rats (Sean), 2004

20th century yearbook formatting with a strong innuendo. Found this via profoundgaiety- a gay erotic photography archive- on tumblr before his page was shot.

One of several collages of Kathy Acker's writing and Cathy Guisewite's comics by tumblr user kathy-ack-blog-blog

Geocities user christinadearlove on her car in 2005

Becky of's edits of UK Angels logo- a transvestite women's webpage and group- onto the findings at Roswel as proof UK Angels are taking over the world!

Helen, another member of UK Angels, posed in 1985. Photo uploaded in 2003

Amy, a Slovanian immigrant and transsexual woman in England and host of

Becky Byla, executive editor of the Carp Angelers Group, 2009.

Butch Barbie diagram uploaded to Gillyboo's Gay Graphics in 2009. Still having a hard time tracking down where the original came from.

Shot by Goll of Taped Rugs Productions, a weird experimental underground music archive. 2007-2009

Jessica (right) with her friends Sarah (left) and Todd (top) after math class at Pennsbury Highschool in 2002.

The same Jessica during her sweet 16 on February 10, 2001.

Thumbnail image of Pat's picture of two of his friends at his surprise birthday party in 2004. The picture's titled "homos."

Another of Pat's friends from the same 2004 birthday party

Laurie Benz shot by R. Roller in 1994

Laurie Benz in a 1986 self-portrait for her first college photography class.

Chel and Shyrene in Singapore, 1998.

A woman who worked as a club dj, shot by her friend Chel of kewl_dyke on geocities.

Chel's friends in cd heaven

Shot by Anna Wolk in December, 2008

Chickens for sale somewhere in Latin America, shot by Anna Wolk in November of 2008.

Shot by Anna Wolk, a butch from Portland Oregon, in November of 2008.

"Old man" sat in NYC and shot by flickr user b3twixt in September of 2006.

"Pre-bus chat" shot by flickr user b3twixt in September of 2009. One of the comments on her profile reads: "Betwixt is wonderful. She bought me medicine when I was sick. She turned me on to Henry Garber. She makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. I love her."

Shot by a butch named Resa Goodman in 2006 and titled "I got these tiles, then quit. Perfect."

One of many ribbons made by localfool of neocities

Bubbles over Ilaria, shot by flickr user kaytorz in January 2005.

DJ at the Sin City 18th anniversity party on May 19, 2019, shot by flickr user zemekiss.

Part of a dance off shot by Jen, or whowantsadollar on flickr, on October 18, 2010.

Another part of a dance off shot by Jen on October 18, 2010.

Shot by flickr user kaytorz in November, 2008.

Matthew and Mr. Minish, shot by flickr user Lavender Menace on February 25, 2006

Amanda Kovattana on a porch with Maureen (right) and Ann (left) talking about aging, souls, and Kovattana's book on October 19, 2014.

flickr user hleisthen and colleagues heading down to the ocean from their lab in March of 2008.

The dorm flickr user bajake occupied while visiting fields at Mahidol University in Salaya, Thailand, in August of 2009.

Nick Dean's dorm bathroom in January, 2009. The photo has 17 comments of about four different people discussing toilet-related pranks.

A landscape from Gay DeKalb, "Alabama's First and Only Gay and Lesbian Web site", 2001.

The rhythm section of a band called Lesbian Boy, shot sometime between 1999 and 2001.

Two trans escorts. Source?

Ilana Tamir and Eli at a pride parade in Jerusalem, 2002.

Cover of THE MODERN REVIEW No. 5, March 1998. It reads "This boy has been stripped of his identity by a gang of Nike-wearing thirtysomethings who take cocaine with their cocoa and think youth is a consumer choice".

"Typhoon" of punk losers in a cramped house show, shot April 10, 2010, by Jordan Hufnagel

"yes, sesame street osacar the grouch undies." by flickr user Alex Houle and shot on July 8, 2005.

"Bo asleep with Ziva, Her head is bigger than Bo. But they love each other." Shot by Barbara Gray in 2011.

A shot of two in the NE APA League, 2017, by Jordan Raye

Shot by Pratrick Joust a bit south of San Francisco, California, in 2022.

Shot by flickr user super awesome in 2013.

Captioned "My boobs are artier in black and white" and shot at a Dyke March in 2005. The boobs in question belong to Liz Henry

From the Save KPFA or Save Pacifica campaign of 2002.

The Stone Soup Collective of Orlando, Florida. There doesn't seem to be any information on them online past 2002. Here are former members asking about it... here is its brief concert history... here is a video of a performance there.

Photo by the host of Folklore Cordobes while he was in Nashville, maybe... that's what the url indicates the photo is filed under, anyway. It's titled "Jardinero de plaza".